Re: [NTLK] Data from dead Newton - Always Fresh Backup?

From: Tony Kan (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 17:52:42 EDT

Another way I do "backups" is to synchronise to the Lotus Organiser v2.1 app
using NCU. This Lotus file can be exported to Outlook 2000 OK. That
captures most of my PIM information. I use Notes2Notes to get my Notes info
into Outlook. This process is a little laborious but I only do it once a
week. I've stopped using NewtWorks since I can get everything I want done
in Notes. I can do final formatting on the PC.

> That's it. If you leave the backup file, the Newton will do an
> incremental backup, backing up only what has changed since the last
> time you did that backup, and that's when things can get screwed up.
> There has been numerous reports from people that, when they tried to
> restore from their backup, NCU was spitting some errors, complaining
> that the backup file was corrupted.
> So, it's best to do full backups if you don't want to take any chance.
> You don't have to delete the backup file, just move it somewhere else
> than the designated backup directory. I, for one, have an "archived"
> one where I always keep the previous backup I did. Just in case...

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