Re: [NTLK] Auto-dismiss alarms?

From: Oliver Brose (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 18:24:18 EDT

>Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 11:45:20 -0400
>Subject: Re: [NTLK] Auto-dismiss alarms?
>From: "Laurent Daudelin" <>

> > So please, if anyone knows about how to get rid of the alarm at 3am -
>> permanently - please let me know!
>> This is as in *turn it off*, not as in "see to it that you click away
>> your alerts when they appear".
>What do you mean, "turn off the alarm at 3am"? I don't have any alarm at
>3am. My Newton turns itself on at 3am to do some housekeeping (this has been
>documented many times here), but doesn't post any alarm. The only thing I
>can see is that you left an alarm on screen so it sounds again when the
>Newton wake up at 3am.

Yes, exactly. Let's say I have a permanent date each thursday (I
always use dates, not to-dos) that says "recharge your iPod". It
makes the Newton *brrrp* at 20:00. I am watching the news, but I will
hear it, and remember "ah, the iPod" and stick it into an outlet
after the news are through. I will forget about the alert though. The
Newton never forgets, so at 3am, when doing the housekeeping, it will
*brrrp* again, and the altert is always set to maximum volume so I do
not miss it.
I need something that mutes the alert-volume from 2:59 to 3:02.

I just have the idea that disabeling the "permanent alert" could help
- might that be the case?

Oliver :)

I refuse to modify my behaviour just so some mechanical device can 
function properly. That really doesn't make sense.
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