[NTLK] Vector Based drawing programs

From: bryan cantley (bcantley_at_fullerton.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 20:53:57 EDT

Exactly! I don't want to "make lines between points"..I want to DRAW
the line as it goes. There is a big difference, perhaps I have not
explained it well enough. The ACT of drawing the "life" of the line
is what i need, not connecting the dots.

In Illustrator, if you are just wanting to make straight (absolutely
straight) line segments, you can use the pen tool and make lines
between clicked/tapped points. Is this not what you are wanting to do?

> there is no option or command key, as there is no keyboard [besides,
> that is counter to the natural act of drawing lines when needed,
> without asking the pencil to "draw line" before you draw, if that
> makes any sense at all]


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