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Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 21:13:32 EDT

Of course, after you've completed all this, it then is a breeze to find=
 your way to Saturn and actually locate the particle in question, lugging=
 an electron microscope along with you to read the nano-etching. ;D

Michael Mays

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On 6/20/2002 at 6:50 PM Bradford Schmidt wrote:

>Just to inject some humor into the Mac/Windows debate, here's a post
>from a user on
>Copy protection that gives crackers 0.1% more hassle and legitimate
>users 10,000% more hassle are not acceptable.
>The XP activation system is a colossal turd. "Ooh ooh you've moved
>your network card to a different slot, you must reactivate windows".
>What next? "Ooh ooh you changed the font size in notepad, you have to
>sacrifice a goat and catch a plane to sodding Timbuktu and show the
>goat's liver to a certified MS representative, who will, via laser,
>nano-etch a new activation code onto one of the particles of Saturn's
>rings. You must then travel to the Valley of the Eternal Guardian and
>slay the Dragon of Nanthathothos to obtain the magic tome of
>Skydd-Marck, then solve the riddle therein to find out WHICH particle
>contains your activation code"?
>----end snip--
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