Re: [NTLK] SER-001 with Pix Solutions overclock

From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 03:11:05 EDT

James Mackey wrote:

> Since people are talking about SER-001 and overclocking, I feel compelled
> toshare my experience. The Pix Solution Implant accelerator has one wire
> that must be soldered to a pin which connects to the socket that
> the SER-001 plugs into.

THIS line is for sure to get the ground reference to the pix solution board.
Thus there is definitely no electrical interference with the SER-001.
But unfortunately both would not mechanically fit together into the Newt.


> My
> understanding
> is that if you do the $5 Radio Shack street ghetto overclock, it
> will speed
> up the sound (which is gay). I don't know if that is true or if it bothers
> anyone. The Implant doesn't affect it and seems to work just
> fine.

Since both - the cheap overclocking and the Pixsolution accelerator are
doing basically the same - replacing the original crystal with another
crystal at higher clock frequency - there is definitely no difference
between both solutions regarding the sound.
If you experienced that the sound remains unchanged with your Pixsolutions
Implant, the only explanation is that you run it at normal speed (the
implant can be switched between normal and turbo speed)

 I have
> also been able to connect to my Mac through the SER-001 without disabling
> theaccelerator. Many people say the accelerator messes up the connection
> through the interconnect port (w/exterior dongle) so that you can't use a
> keyboard or serial connection. I don't know if the pin sharing fixes that
> problem, or if the problems with overclocking and serial ports are just
> fiction.

Neither nore: the timing of the serial connections of the Newt is definitely
affected doing overclocking.
If the device on the other end is able to handle that (e.g. your Mac) you
will not have any problem, but if not (e.g. you try to beam from your
accelerated Newt to an unaccelerated Newt) the serial connection will simply
not work.
I am not sure about the Kbd, but its probably problematic.

That is the main reason for the switching feature of the pixsolution implant
and the various solutions to implement a switch as well for the cheap
overclocking solution.


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