Re: [NTLK] OS X v. 7.5 v. Windows?

From: Jesse Garnier (
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 12:11:02 EDT

Joshua Johnston wrote not long ago (6/21/02 11:55 AM):

> I currently have three ways I could possibly use the Newton I'll be getting
> soon. I could try and find a way to go wireless or wired over Ethernet and
> sync it to my iBook running OS X, or I could use the serial cable it comes
> with and use it with my Win 2K or Win XP machines, or I could set up my
> ancient Quadra 610 and sync with that (I assume). What my question is, is
> which option will actually serve me best?

Wired Ethernet to your iBook will be your fastest and most reliable
solution. Serial will be slow, plus the mothball smell from the Quadra will
drive you nuts. Wireless is a nice choice too, but some (including myself)
have had problems with AppleTalk traffic stalling using the WaveLAN driver.


P.S. And thanks for the funny end to an unfunny OT thread. :)

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