Re: [NTLK] I just got a Newton! And now for some questions.

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> I forgot to mention that it is an original 2100 Newton. I was playing
> with it some more last night and I noticed that the screen problem isn't
> constant. It will work great for awhile, then start messing up, the
> after a minute or two, it goes back to normal.
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> As for the jaggies, there are several potential causes. It could be
> dirt
> under the screen in which case you take a business card and run it
> around
> under the screen and case edge to clean it out. It can also be hardware
> related, including a manufacturing defect in some Newtons. This is
> obviously more difficult to fix. There have been some threads of late
> on
> trying to repair this, but it requires major surgery.

It might be related to the way you hold the 2100. Are you experiencing this
behavior of random screen problems when the 2100 is resting on a table or in
your hands? Some people reported the jaggies going away for a while after
"twisting" the Newton slightly. That seems to indicate a hardware problem,
where some contacts from the touch screen to the motherboard are getting
dirty or something similar.


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