[NTLK] Simplemail Help

From: Gregory J. Wayman (gwayman_at_mac.com)
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 14:02:13 EDT

I'm trying to setup Simplemail for the first time, and I'm getting a
Can someone please look at my set up and advise:

This info was generated by the Diagnostic pkg:

Reply to: gwayman_at_mac.com
POP User: gwayman
POP Password: gertrude
POP Host: "mail.mac.com"
SMTP Host: "mail.earthlink.net"
Reply to: gwayman_at_mac.com
POP user: gwayman
POP Password: cricket
POP Host: "earthlink.net"
SMTP Host: "mail.earthlink.net"

The passwords are for the purpose of this post, not my real ones. I am
only trying to show that there are 2 different passwords which works
fine on the desk top computer.
My first setup attempt was same as above less the quotation marks and
the test email went through, but then Simplemail crashed right after.
The above setup with the quotation marks was worse, I could not even
send an email.

Internet setup as follows:
Protocol: PPP
Config: Manual
User ID: gwayman
Access # (408) 889-0024
When closing Dis: immediately
Local IP:
Primary DNS:
Alt. DNS:
Domain: Earthlink.net
Login script (7 steps)

Error says .....Simplemail Couldn't resolve IP address

Thanks, Greg

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