Re: [NTLK] Data from dead Newton - Always Fresh Backup?

Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 05:49:18 EDT

>Sadly enough, the Newton stopped doing full backups about a year (1998!) after
>I'd gotten it. I'd done incremental backups, cleared preferences,
>and performed
>voodoo rituals, but nothing seemed to work. The last backup I have from the
>Newton is a 'export everything to text' that I did about six months
>ago. There
>were other problems with my baby, but the biggest was that it
>wouldn't complete
>a full backup, even on a clean Macintosh (running 7.5) that had
>never had NCU on
>it prior to my attempt.
>I've still not attempted to see if the Newt is revivable. It's not
>going to hurt
>it to wait a few more days, but I'll probably try all the methods
>suggested here
>on the list tomorrow. Wish me luck.

I have been through this. It can take time, and there are a lot of
things to be careful of and it is hard to know exactly what was
causing the problem even after fixing it. But it is redeemable and
worth it. I now avoid making long recordings, mixing media in notes
and making notes with too many separated paras. I also don't like
using notes extensions any more, and I never put returns or ink in
names. It seems that the more simple you keep the data in your mp,
the more likely you are to get a full backup. Also making sure the mp
has lots of heap to do the b/u has helped. Once I think the only
option was to export all data and brainwipe then reimport. But now
that I am more cautious about pushing the mp to its limits i get
perfect reliability.

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