Re: [NTLK] A couple of programming questions

From: Jim Anderson (
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 15:43:41 EDT

Brian wrote:
> Yes, you can write code to overwrite pretty much anything.=20
> For example if you want to disable the Extras button so that=20
> nothing happens when you tap on it, you just execute the code
> GetRoot().extrasbutton.buttonClickScript :=3D func() begin
> end;
> The original contents of the buttonClickScript slot, being in=20
> ROM do not go away, of course. To get back to a functioning=20
> button, you use the
> RemoveSlot() function.=20
> Believe it or not, you own the whole Newton that you bought!

        Wow! Thanks! That's exactly what I want to do! That's one of
those things that is so simple and reasonable that you never think of
it. At least I don't think of things working that well (check my return
address, which is the shop I program at, for the full impact of that

Jim Anderson

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