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From: Dave Bonhoff (
Date: Fri Jun 21 2002 - 22:55:19 EDT

Reading Mark's message made me smile and stop lurking...

Like Mark, I to am new to Newton's and also a Visor user. I was first introduced
to Apple's message pad shortly after it was introduced by my (now)
brother-in-law. As a 17 year old kid with girls and cars filling every thought, I
paid it no attention.... If only I had known then what I know now!

As a Mac user and a certified gadget freak, I recently purchased a (virtually) new
2000 with original box, cables, A/C adapter, software, manuals, etc. In the few
weeks that I've had it, I've added a modem, ethernet card, 4mb pc card (full
already!) and on occasion grab the Orinoco silver card from my Powerbook and check
my email from the deck!

While I've made good progress, partly due to this list and its knowledgeable
members, I know that I'm missing lots of the little things which make the Newton
so special. I can say that I need to expand the memory since I can no longer load
a website and can't sync to Outlook (at work). Overclocking and a SER-001 are
also on the list of upgrades (I'm going to be patient and wait for PCBman's next
big thing!).

And the point of all this rambling was to say that I too would like to see a
beginners Newton website. Tips, cautions, preferred software, that kinda thing
would be very helpful!

Thanks for all the help you've been so far!

Mark Bock wrote:

> >Would anybody like to make a webpage, perhaps, to assist our
> >fellow friends who are new to the newton? Shouldn't be too hard to compile a
> I know I'd appreciate it. I just bought a Newton off eBay and am
> waiting not so patiently for it to arrive (I finally got tired of the
> limitations of my Handspring Visor). I've been scouring Newton
> websites and have already found this list indispensible, but a Newton
> newbies site would still be enormously helpful.
> --mark
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