Re: [NTLK] WriteRight replacements from Strong Engineering?!

From: Gregory J. Wayman (
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 00:30:19 EDT

I tried a pack of these too. I figured for $8.95, what the hey. I had no
problem with installing my first one, here is how: Peel back as little as
possible to get a square start on your screen, then as you advance/peel the
backing, follow along with a credit card or a baseball card to push the air
bubbles out. Try not to touch the sticky part with your fingers or it will
leave finger prints from the oil in your skin. I'm an avid Nushield user but
I will admit the clarity was very refreshing with these new screen protectors.


Stainless Steel Rat wrote:

> * "Gary Moody" <> on Thu, 13 Jun 2002
> | Got them in...they're good, arguably as good as the original WriteRights.
> My batch arrived today. They are different from the original WriteRights.
> BSTRONG's protectors are a bit harder to install than WriteRights. The
> backings are die cut along with the protectors, a bit of a challenge to
> separate them without creasing the protectors. Lower cost to manufacture
> that way, though.
> They are not textured like WriteRights. They have a smooth, semi-gloss
> finish, and they are completely transparent. So, more reflective glare
> than WriteRights, but -much- better contrast. They also show scratches
> more readilly. I really mauled my first installation try, creasing it
> trying to get it off the backing, and then scratching it with the credit
> card I used to smooth it down.
> WriteRights are porous, so bubbles will eventually bleed out. I do not
> know about BSTRONG protectors, yet.
> I think the simplest description is a clear, slightly shiny, self-adhesive
> Barrier.
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