[NTLK] [OT] CP/M - Was "Steve J asked about the Newton...and answers!"

From: Sushi (Sushi_at_ragingbull.com)
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 01:58:23 EDT

>On 6/19/02 @ 12:54 AM, Stainless Steel Rat wrote:

Thanks for the reply.

>| What is the source for your comment?
>MS-DOS version 1.0. Grepping through the binaries shows
>the CP/M copyright notices.

Reference please.

>It went like this. In the late 1970s, Tim Patterson
>(Seattle Software Works?)

Seattle Software Products.

>paid Digital Research for a source license to CP/M. He
>turned it into "QDOS", his "quick and dirty operating
>system". It was CP/M ported to 16-bit processors like
>the 8086. Microsoft (aka Traf-O-Data) bought QDOS
>from Patterson in 1981 and sold it to IBM as MS-DOS,
>without permission from Digital Research.

I believe MSFT paid less than $100,000 for the QDOS.

MSFT modified QDOS for sale to IBM.

My original question concerned CP/M code being in PC-DOS/MS-DOS 1.0.

Yes, Tim Patterson the creator of QDOS was very familiar with CP/M. He
wrote QDOS so that software written for CP/M could be easily ported to

However, I have never heard that QDOS contained actual CP/M code or

That is the root of my question.

I would be interested in seeing any reference you have concerning this.

BTW, IBM microcomputers used PC-DOS. MS-DOS and PC-DOS for all practical
purposes were the same. However, one difference was that PC-DOS required
an IBM computer BIOS to boot.



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