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From: machula (
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 11:39:33 EDT

> > >the word "gay" which is commonly used now to describe homosexuals?
>'gay' also, and originally means joyous, frivolous, and light-hearted
>which is a fairly good description of how a Newton would sound with
>the pitch bent (oops) upwards, and that is what I took him (oops) to
>mean. It is peculiar (oops) that active (oops) words should become
>submissive (oops) to politics, but I am inclined (oops) to think it
>goes both ways (oops). In Yorkshire they are fond (oops) of saying
>"there's nowt so queer (oops) as folk". I don't think they are
>pushing a political point (oops). P.S. sorry for all the inyourendo
>(ooh I say!). Guys please don't go nuts (oops), this post was meant
>to be joyous, light-hearted and frivolous...

Well, as long as I am writing anyway, here's my GAY joke, I shared
with my GAY friends and it's approved by all of them:

There is this young homosexual guy who finally has the guts to come
out with his family. To him it seems that the x-mas table is the
right setting for this, as all the family is present and the food is
So he stands up and signals he wants to make a speech. He gets up,
raises his glass and looks at his mother. He starts: "Dear mum, dear
family, I have to tell you something important. I want to tell you...
I'm gay..."
There is a short silence, puzzled faces. Then his mother breaks into
a smile. she says:
"Of course you are gay, dear, thats normal. Everybody is gay today,
its Christmas!"
And all break into a laughter and the dinner continues.

cheers, Barb

ps oww yes, and I love my gay male friends, as in homosexual.
we keep talking about men's butts, ;-)

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