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Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 11:57:14 EDT

>on 6/22/02 2:57 PM, Karel Jansens at wrote:
>> The "yet" is a bit too much. The Nazis had manned test versions of the V1,
>> which was propelled by a pulse-jet aka ramjet. Rumour has it they were a
>> little bit easier to fly than a brick...

The V1's pulse jet isn't a true ramjet. The concept is similar, but a
true ramjet requires supersonic speeds to operate. The SR-71's
engines become quasi-ramjets at cruising speed (something like 80% of
the thrust is created by the inlet design at that speed). But there
are no manned aircraft (that have been acknowledged) with a true
ramjet engine.

>Were not these things "kamikaze"-type things? I remember seeing photos of
>them, and thinking how morbid...

You're probably thinking of the Japanese variant, which was indeed
descended from the V1 and intended for kamikaze missions. Not many of
them were used.


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