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Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 14:40:43 EDT


Since you are comparing various PDAs -- another serious consideration is the
size of the PDA that you want to carry on your person (since this seems to
bethe Newton's main drawback). A Palm 515 is small enough that you might be
able to keep it hidden while in prison. An iPaq would be more difficult, and
a Newton would be almost impossible. I am hesitant to say it could "never"
work, because I imagine a few people in here would try to prove me wrong.
Should you opt to carry your device externally, you have to be willing to
explain, when people ask "what the hell is that thing?" as they point to

>From: Ed Kummel >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: Re: [NTLK] in order of release >Date:
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 22:51:42 -0700 (PDT) >>>While there were probably over a
half a dozen >different versions of "Newtons" (actually, the machine >is
called a Message Pad) over the years, there is >really no reason not to go
with the latest! Or if you >can't find one you can afford (as if) get the
second >to the latest! Of course, I'm talking about the MP2100 >and the
MP2000, respectivly. The MP2000 is fine for >average use, but for serious
play, you will want the >MP2100 with more memory and heap! But, you can
always >get the MP2000 upgraded to a MP2100 (there are several >on this list
who would do it for you) and your MP2000 >is essentially an MP2100! >If you
absolutly positivly need to have a built in >keyboard (why? I can't even
guess because the HWR for >the newt is flawless...well, close to
>recognizing average writing) you should look into the >eMate...the main
disadvantage is it's slower and has >less memory...and the memory upgrades
for these things >are next to impossible to find...I heard the term >"hen's
teeth" bandied about on this list! >Keep in mind though, these things are
addictive! >You'll end up spending money you didn't anticipate! >(ser-001,
screen protectors and speed upgrades come to >mind!) and quite unlike any
other PDA out there, you >will have no qualms spending the money for the
>"necessities" you Newt will need. I've been playing >with an iPaq for the
last week or so and I can't even >begin to justify spending money on
it...what's the >point? It will never be usefull so once I play with >it,
I'll sell it! But I'm sure that ooW will >admit...selling a Newt is like
selling your > can only do it if you're stressed >beyond
recognition or just plain crazy (appologies to >those on the list who are
forced into selling their >Newts due to unseen circumstances...momentary
lackof >sanity I suppose!) >Ed >web/gadget guru >--- mouse1701 wrote: >>>>is
there a faq which lists the newtons in order of >>model released and
>>software included?..i wanna get a newt..but dont >>know what i should be
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