[NTLK] Hello all!

From: Christopher Frazier (cfrazier_at_webplantation.com)
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 22:27:58 EDT

Just a quick note to say hello and thanks to everyone who's posted here,
providing newbies with an amazing amount of knowledge. I've been using
my MP2000 since Thursday and I feel like I'm proficient now because of
this resource. Thanks!

One thing I've not seen is an optimization FAQ. I've been looking into
what I should and should not have on my MP and I'm not 100% certain what
kills performance and what doesn't. I'm particularly interested in:

1) Which extensions are hogs and should be avoided

2) I noticed the size of NIE2.0 and it's components - pretty big. I'd
like to not have them in effect when I don't need them, but want to
leave them Internal. Does putting them into a "folder" other than
Extensions pull them from memory or does it (as I suspect) simply change
a tag in the soap?

3) Which add-ons for Works are really worth it. This would obviously be
based on YOUR experience.

4) Do the ATA drivers hurt performance?

Thanks! I'm excited to be part of the community here.


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