Re: [NTLK] I just got a Newton! And no.

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Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 23:19:18 EDT

on 22/06/02 18:06, Nicholas Gillock at wrote:

> I have the Lombard series. The one right before firewire, but after
> wallstreet.
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>> Actually, I have a windows and a powerbook. But I'm trying to use the
>> DIL tester to synch up through IR. I tell the Newton and the
> Powerbook
>> to both connect, then it brings up another window, and just freezes
>> there, and I have to force quit it to get out of it.
> What specific model of PowerBook are you using? It needs to implement
> IrDA,
> which I think was implemented starting with the first model of the
> PowerBook
> G3 Series, AKA "Wallstreet".

Then, the DIL Tester should work. Did you give enough memory to the DIL
Tester application?


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