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From: Sushi (
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 11:40:04 EDT

>On 6/23/02 @ 11:15 PM, James Mackey wrote:
>Oh, well I must be mistaken. Please give me the URL
>for the a current drug database such as LexiDrugs or
>ePocrates. Oh wait, they don't write it for Newt OS

Negative knowledge about these.

Could be some work a rounds available...don't know.

>Well how about a conduit for Documents to Go?

While I have no need to import pdf type documents into the Newt, others
on this list have solutions.

>Ok, then I'll settle for a Palm OS emulator. No?

What do you need the emulator for?

Chances are, there is a similar app available for the Newton -- in most
cases. Sure there are exceptions.

Who knows, maybe someday there will be a Palm emulator for the Newt.

>Maybe an EZ Show card, or the equivalent,
>so I can give presentations?

Got an EZ Card.

Can create my own presentations using Point Pro. Then using an EZ Show
Card display them on a TV or monitor.

There is also a method to export your PP (non animated) slides to you

In my case, I use my digital camera for PP presentations.

...however, in the future, I may just give it a shot again. It's been a
while since I did this. IIRC, you used PP 95 for this feature.

The last that I knew, a handheld Pocket PC would not run Pocket PP. You
need one with a keyboard to use Pocket PP. And, oh by the way, you
cannot create or edit slides using Pocket PP. So for the most part, this
is a very limited capability for the palm sized Pocket PC devices.

Now let's go the other way:

- What about real handwriting recognition? Crapfitti -- forget it. And
the Pocket PC -- nope not there by a long shot. Both have screens that
are too small and the interface is terrible on the Pocket PC.

 - A true pen interface (okay, I'll give Palm some points here, but the
Pocket PC is still a desktop interface crammed into a handheld).

- How about data relationships/linking not available in any other
platform out there?

- Limited voice recognition? Yeah, it is extremely limited.

- Being a server?

- Being able to read Word and Excel don't be too quick to
jump in here. I said read. Not have on your device. Reading a Word
document on the Newt is a whole different experience than on a limited
sized display Pocket PC or Palm system. Same goes for Excel.

- Being able to experience a loss of all power for extended periods of
time, while experiencing no loss of data or apps. In my personal case,
my extended period was slightly over two years.

- While the device is on, have the batteries inadvertently be ejected
with no loss of data. Note, don't try this with a Palm unless you want
to loose your data and you have a good back up.

- Being able to connect to your network via Ethernet (10 Base-T). Copy
files. print documents, sync files, etc. Currently, some in the
community are very close to having this capability with the Newt via

- Being able to use your device as a full time Fax in receive and send

- Having two completely different apps, being able to share and use the
same data at the same time. Seamlessly.

- Serve as an emergency light. I used to think my Palm has a strong
backlight. Then I used it side by side with my Newt. There is no
comparison. The Newt backlight is much much brighter, has more uniform
illumination and clearer.

I could go on, but it's late and I think that you get the point.

Bottom line, as I stated in my first comments, if the Newt does what you
need it to do then it is by no means obsolete. Just because there is
something newer doesn't always mean better.

BTW, try using a Palm or Pocket PC as a knee board while flying. Doesn't
work very well compared to a Newt.

Anyhow, please don't assume others are stupid and delusional just because
they like the Newt and it fills their needs. While it may not fill your
needs, others are perfectly happy with what they have. And who knows,
some may even want to buy a new one for whatever their personal reason.


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