Re: [NTLK] SER-001 with Pix Solutions.

From: Woo Lee (
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 12:01:00 EDT

Nope, I'm the one in front of Yoko.
I recorded off the radio(KLOS) nine British releases of 'The Beatles', =
some songs that never made it here.
Amazing how songs from the '60's can still influence people today, human =
=2E..Pennylane is in my heart...
=2E..Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, hope you enjoy the show...
=2E..all we are saying, is give peace a chance... ;-)
>> Is that you standing infront of a picture of someone holding a
>SOMEONE holding a flower?!?!?

!ooW %-)
Pres. of Los Angeles Newton Users Group!

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