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From: Woo Lee (
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 12:02:01 EDT

>While not a historian myself, a friend who is estimates that the
>resulting conflict would have been disastrous had the Navy not been able
>to intercept. IIRC, we knew about their surprise attack via a radio

Even before Pearl Harbor the Japanese code was broken(hence no aircraft =
carriers at PH that morning, in fact three were steaming NW).
A 'movie' is out about the Navajo code-talkers, 'Windtalkers', another =
Hollywood-skewed release about 'US history'. I'll probably see it but =
wonder what the whole truth really is.
>The Japanese Maritime Academy, in the Kure area, has a wonderful museum
>with disarmed versions of underwater Kaiten.
>Sorry to ramble...but this is an interesting topic.

Deadly but interesting at what lengths man goes to design the 'extreme'.
>BTW, on the SR-71, the airflow into the engines is always subsonic --
>even while the aircraft is flying at Mach 3+. Designed using a slide
>rule, in the late 50's. Pretty darn awesome! :-)

'Skunkworks' was 'the bomb'. I wonder what stuff wasn't finished and what =
took over after it was officially closed(or was it?).

!ooW %-)
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