[NTLK] Persistent alarms

From: Mick Ring (lists_at_rynosoft.com)
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 22:36:07 EDT

I seem to remember that when I was using my MP120 years ago, all meeting
alarms were persistent. By "persistent", I don't mean the technical meaning
of the word - I mean that if you didn't dismiss an alarm dialog, it would
continue to beep at you every few minutes.

I think that when I upgraded my MP120 to NOS 2.0, that feature stopped
working that way. Now I'm using a MP2100 and it beeps once at the indicated
alarm time and then once again a couple of minutes later.

Is there a way to make my MP2100 have persistent alarms as I have described
above? I really need the nagging...



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