Re: [NTLK] Accelerated 2100 & keyboard

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 23:46:32 EDT

If you make your Newt an non-switchable acellerated
version, then you will not be able to use your Newton
Keyboard. There is a crystal in there as well and it
would need to be acellerated to the same ratio that
you acellerate your Newton. (about 1.4X) Unfortunatly,
there are no standard xtals of that particular
frequency (I forget the value, but it's in the
archives) Mr PCBMan had a couple made custom for his
own use, but I hear that it's expensive...
If you go with a switchable version, you shouldn't
have any problems.
As far as xtal versions are, I don't think that there
is a real difference from the hobbyist point of view.
I think that the lesser quality xtal will cause the
Newton to use a larger ammount of power when
acellerated...but that should be negligable. Unless
your xtal is a chunk of quartz an inch square
vibrating at 5mhz...that would take some serious
I figure that as long as it gives 5Mhz, who cares what
it is! Right? Heck, if my cat can put out 5Mhz, I'ld
use that! (a "kibble" powered Newton!)
About those 4mb cards...are you sure that they're
flash cards? The Newt can't use ATA cards yet...
web/gadget guru

--- Philip Lord <> wrote:
> Can anyone confirm that an accelerated 2100 will no
> longer work with the newton keyboard. I want to do
> this mod but I probably wont if my keyboard won't
> work
> afterwards.
> Also,yesterday I wen't to Akehabara to get a 5mhz
> crystal. I found two types from different makers,
> but
> neither have the serial numbers that have been
> mentioned here in the past. Can anyone confirm
> wether
> these will still work? They look identical to the
> ones
> I've seen shown on the 'how to accelerate your 2100'
> web pages, just different serial numbers.
> I also had a look for some flash cards in some of
> the
> used computer shops. After a short while I found one
> place that had five 4meg cards in a box that they
> were
> selling for $2.50 I bought them all. I
> think
> I'll make looking for flash card a semi regular
> thing.
> I love Akehabara.
> Phil

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