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From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 03:16:50 EDT

on 23-06-2002 11:02, Dan at wrote:

> Well standalone does have one simple freeze program that does work. Very
> simple and only does one package at a time, and has a few other simple ones.
> I think it is the only one they have freeware.

That's Freeze Utilities and none of my warnings about FreezeMan apply in
this case, good reliable software.

> One thing I have really found handy is the ablity to make
> a "set" a icon in extras drawer. Saves you from opening the extension
> package and selecting various menus from there. Really sweet :)

FreezeMan has that option too, if it wasn't that buggy it would be good
software ;-)

> Guesture Launch is also a great program. On my 130 I couldn't spare the
> space as I had other packages I used more often. BUT I am lookin forward to
> having it available for use on my 2100 ;)

You'll enjoy it even more, Gesture Launch on 2.0 models was very spare
compared to what it can do on a 2x00.

> All of ICS's sofware is great.

I agree.

> Most of it was programed by Dan Rowley, he use to be on the list I don't know
if he still is.

Not anymore.

> I bought both Newtcase and Xport as a deal ICS had going at the time. I
> think it was around $50, could have been higher, I don't remember but it was
> a smart move on my part. I use those programs more than any other on a
> daily basis. :)

NewtCase (the utility suite with Gesture Launch Extension Manager etc.) is
now permanently on sale for $25.00, don't know if a combined discount still
applies, it can be found on:

NewtCase takes a bit of betting used to (Dan Rowley's interface idea's
aren't mine) but in the end beats most other suites as far as I'm concerned.

Robert Benschop

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