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From: Woo Lee (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 05:38:03 EDT

>But there is just something beautiful about being able to sync my Palm =
with an Excel spreadsheet, which I can edit, review, and print from my =

I get QFProExchange a Excel spreadsheet to/from Windozzze and 'Edit', =
'Review', 'UPDATE', 'WORK ON', AND 'PRINT' FROM my Newt. Right from the =
'palm' of my hand without worry of deadly short battery life(while I =
download email/webpage, listen to a pre-recorded message, and get reminded =
of a meeting with a voice alarm). You haven't done this...yet?
>With the Newt, I had a technologically superior calendar and date book, =
and that's about it.

WOW! If that's it then sell the Newt., let somebody else put it to good =
=2E..oops, hold on, I gotta put more paper in the deskjet my Newt. is =
printing to, while I catch up on my business miles in Notion to print =
after this job, and reload the LATimes webpage, and schedule our next =
LaNUG meeting with notes on 'who', 'when', 'where', 'what =
topic'(Newtscape!), 'why Gold Wavelan works on some Newts but not on =
others', and close the Newtonbook about 'Why Apple Killed the Newt.', and =
change the channel on the Sony TV, and reply to a 'few' emails, and set =
the jpeg as a pic on Avi's Backdrop, and refile the computer virus in my =
inbox, and get the digicam pic ready to send as an email to a friend from =
my Newt. via Tibet(the pkg.), and 'oh cr_at_p windozzze on my Qbe just gave =
me a blue screen while trying to access', and finish =
my Jig game, and recheck the meds. intake of my dad with HandLink from =
MCM, and make sure I can pay my AMEX statement with a 'positive' balance =
in my checking account thanks to Pocket Quicken, and 'oh cr_at_p, the light =
bulb went out in my room good thing the Newt's backlight is bright enough =
to finish this email and replace the light bulb, and use Gulliver to set =
my business trip to Utah in...hmmm open Dates app. and ...ahh it's the =
first week of August as I copy-cut-paste from Dates to Gulliver as easy as =
1-2-3, and get the Palm virus ready to beam at my next trip to Cr_at_pUSA, =
and set WakeUpCall loud enough to wake up the neighbors with the notepad =
recording of my dog barking, and use Skyguide to checkout the night sky. =
=2E..and one more thing, this email was done with Inkwell...I meant =
Transcribbler...oops it's Rosetta. ;-)
>It would be nice to have current medical texts such as the Washington =
>(which is keyword searchable on Palm). Yeah, I guess you could use Newton
>Press and type several hundred pages, or copy and paste for the rest of =

Find some webpages and Newtonbook'em with Newtscape. I have the JAMA =
article about St.John'sWort *AND* Prozac having no effect on a certain =
type of depression, on my Newt. and searchable and printable and faxable, =
all by my Newt.
>But paying Franklin $50 for an immediate download is tremendously
>simple by comparison.

Due to above I'll donate that expense to
>I had the Newt in my pocket for about 6 months, and I realized that IF I
>could find the software I wanted, I was still stuck quoting information =
>1998. I'd pay someone $430 for Caduceus ERG, because that would at least =
>something I could use daily, but nobody seems to know where to find it.

Use Newtscape. Is there a Palm version of Caduceus EGR?...I thought about =
the Palm PDR but I kept writing notes on my Newt.
>You can no longer buy it here:

Try ebay, I almost won PocketDoc and Virtual Intern. D'oh!
>I guess I feel like an Xbox owner upon its release. So much potential but
>nothing to do. Don't get me wrong. I still love the Newt, but it's =
>a hobby at this point.

I still love my Newts. too. But it's like a Swiss Army tool, over =
=2E..oh geez, I got the barcode scanner, now to do my inventory in 1/10th. =
the time and print the list and labels from my Newt.!

!ooW %-)
Pres. of Los Angeles Newton Users Group!

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