[NTLK] A ton Newton stuff for sale

From: SlashDevNull (slashdevnull_at_mac.com)
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 20:51:39 EDT


  I have absolutely too much Newton stuff and I rarely use it anymore so I
am selling it all.

  I want to sell all of it as a package. If I can't then I will sell it a
piece at a time on eBay.

  I would rather sell it cheaply as a package rather than individually. And
selling cheaply doesn't mean giving it all away, but I will sell it all
cheaply. :)

So here is the list.

  (1) Newton 2100
  (2) Newton 2000 - upgraded to 2100's by Dr. Newton
  (2) SER-001 adapters installed - 1 is the newer version, one is the older
  (5) 9v AC Adapters
  (3) Mac Serial to Mac serial cables
  (1) Mac serial to 9 pin PC Serial Cables
  (2) NIC connector to PC serial Cables (Dongleless cables)
  (5) NIC Adapters
  (1) Newton Print Pack still in box
  (1) Etherlink III 3C589C PCMCIA Card
  (1) 3Com Etherlink III 3C589xe PCMCIA Card
  (2) 3Com PCMCIA Card adapter to RJ-45 female connector
  (2) 3Com PCMCIA Card adapter to RJ-45 male connector
  (1) Hayes Optima 33.6 v.34 DataFax with Ezjack
  (1) Newton Booster pack - Holds 8 AA batteries for power
  (1) Newton Keyboard with case
  (2) Apple wireless leather case - one is modified to work with PDA
Concept's holster - one is unmodified
  (1) PDA Concepts Holster
  (1) New 'Tank' Case for the Newton 2k - Very thick and comes with a belt
  (3) New Fliptop cases with hard insert to protect screen
  (3) PCMCIA plastic inserts
  (1) 4 Meg Flash Card
  (1) 32 Meg Flash Card
  (6) Original 2100 aluminum styli
  (8) eMate Plastic Styli
  (1) MarWare CEO leather case
  (3) Rechargeable battery pack
  (2) Regular empty battery pack
  (11) NuShield screen protectors
  Full set of Newton original manuals for a 2000

  Software purchased for a single Newton:

  Fivespeed Dashboard

  Ok, here is the condition of everything.

  The Newtons are in awesome condition. The 2100 was never used and one of
the upgraded 2000s were never used. One of the Newtons has a broken hinge
on the door above NIC (door still works and rotates) and one piece of
plastic is broken on the main door. This is difficult to explain where.
You know where switch to remove the main door is? The switch is on a piece
of plastic that is inserted in the door. If you go to the actual hinge on
the door at the bottom, that little piece of plastic above the pin of the
hinge inside the door. It was broken when the door stuck as Dr. Newton was
upgrading the memory. It was not broken by misuse. The other 2 newtons are

  Many of the cases are new. The CEO is in great condition. The two
wireless cases are in very good condition also.

  The holster was purchased new.

  All 3 Newton screens are in PERFECT condition and you can tan yourself by
the backlights. Very strong backlights. The one Newton I was using always
had a NuShield in it.

  Almost all of the the equipment was pretty much unused. Most all of it
was for backup reasons and that is the main reason why I am selling it. I
just never used my main Newton and nothing broke so I never used the backup

  Of course whoever buys it will get my phone number to discuss the
equipment. NOTHING is beat up and everything, except for the very few items
I mentioned, is in pristine and new condition.

Please email me off list for any info.


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