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Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 13:35:08 EDT

On 25/06/02 23:12, "LA GREEN" <> wrote:

> OK i use slowdown to do my backups. if i need to do a restore do i have to
> use slowdown also? i recently ran into error with my avi bd and wanted to
> do a restore to put it back to b4 the error. any info would be helpful.

I've never heard that you had to run it, but I would expect you would,
because the reason to run it in the first place is to kinda slow down the
computer so that it can keep up with the connection. I would imagine that
since restoring requires a connection, you might have the same problem no
matter if you're making a backup or restoring from a backup.

You could try without SlowDown and post your results here. Worst case,
you'll have to do a hard reset of your Newton, because the restore would
fail and that might leave the Newton in limbo...


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