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From: Michael Mays (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 13:41:12 EDT

Let's not forget the fact that the thing leaks fuel all over the runway=
 when it's sitting on the ground, but at cruise level, the growth in the=
 metal causes everything to fit together properly. :)

Michael Mays

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On 6/27/2002 at 2:31 AM Sushi wrote:

>>So, would it be correct to type the SR-71 engines as a hybrid
>In some circles, it is referred to as a Dual Cycle engine.
>Here are some interesting engine tidbits:
>- In cruise flight (Mach 3+) the engines grow 6 inches in length and 2.5
>inches in diameter.
>- At full thrust running at Sea Level, each engine consumed 65,000 pounds
>of fuel per hour.
>- The SR-71 was more fuel efficient at altitude and high speed, contrary
>to all other type of aircraft.
>You know, even though this thread is off topic, there are some parallels
>with the Newton.
>For example, the Newton:
>- Incorporated technology that was ahead of it's time.
>- Was retired while it still has life in it -- still in use 4 years after
>it was discontinued by Apple.
>- Still has the best HWR out there, bar none.
>- Ran for a long time on batteries -- totally unheard of at the time.
>- Allowed for rechargeable or regular battery use.
>- Allowed for alternate screen orientations. The Pocket PC devices are
>just starting to do this as well as the Palm OS devices by Handera and
>- Was capable of voice recognition.
>Anyhow, I am sure glad that there is an Apple...
>...Otherwise the PC world would be boring... ;-)
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