Re: [NTLK] Problems with WaveLAN Reg Code?

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 15:13:48 EDT

On 26/06/02 14:25, "" <> wrote:

> Wierd. I don't recall at any point in my correspondence with Hiroshi that he
> ever asked for the name in my current owner card. He supplied two codes to
> me. The first he calls a keyword and it is my email address - fully
> qualified. The second he calls a code and it is an alpha numeric mix. I
> figured the code was based on the keyword but who knows? I just know it isn't
> registering! :-)
> -Tom
> In a message dated 6/26/2002 2:20:08 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
>> If the registration checks for the name in the current owner card, it might
>> be that the name you provided to Hiroshi doesn't match exactly that name,
>> in
>> the owner card, or there is an extra, invisible character before or after
>> the name, or a double space somewhere. In my experience, when you base your
>> registration on the owner name, you must have the *EXACT* name that appears
>> in the current owner card. I mention current because you could have
>> multiple
>> owner cards and it's not always obvious which one is active.
>> -Laurent.

That could be for 2 reasons. First, his registration process doesn't use
your owner name at all. All bet are open as to what he is using, then.
Second, he uses your owner name and somehow he did assume what your owner
name was. If he was wrong, then that would explain why you're having a
problem. I guess only Hiroshi will be able to clear that up...


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