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From: Thomas Hofts (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 19:54:10 EDT

on 6/26/02 1:53 PM, John Goggan at wrote:

> Thomas Hofts wrote:
>> I got a total charge time of 1:20 and a good week of occasional daily
>> use with backlight. When I got the Newton it took 10 min to charge
>> and only lasted a day.
> Ok -- thanks for the info. Now, after this was done, does your battery charge
> normally? Or do you have to continue to do the cooling tricks to get a full
> charge into it? I'm curious if your method actually helps to "refresh" the
> battery so that it becomes more "normal" -- or if it is more of a permanent
> method of getting the full charge in (which would end up not being worth my
> time, I'm afraid).
> - John...
I did the cool recharge twice on two consecutive charging cycles on May 12 &
May 13. After the first "cool" charge I left my 2100 on with the backlight
and completely discharged the pack in about 11 hours then did another cool
recharge. Two days ago my regular charging time was a little over an hour
and looking at the capacity now it still shows 99%. So for now, I can only
say it has worked for 6 weeks without having to do another cool recharge.
Why? I don't know! I just had a theory that as the battery aged it caused
the temp during charging to rise more rapidly and that was preventing it
receiving a full charge. I'm not a chemist, but I once ruined my Mother's
table playing with a Gilbert chemistry set.

BTW- mentioned you've lived in Florida. How is it there? I'm
interviewing for a job in Tampa. Any thoughts on Florida life? Better than

Tom Hofts
Lawrence, KS

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