[NTLK] New web site

From: Thomas Hofts (thofts_at_mac.com)
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 14:06:46 EDT

Hi all,

Glad to see the list is back up after the brief outage.

About a week ago someone asked if there was a website devoted to Newton
newbies. That got me to reflecting on my newbie experience when I got my
2100 last December, and how much time I spent searching the web for the
basics: manuals, connection software, battery sources, FAQ's, even this
message list.

So over the weekend I hacked together a web site that basically collected a
bunch of quicklinks that would have helped me out when started.

The first peek at this effort is up at:


I do need input on this page to make the content as user friendly as
possible for the person who just bought a Newton off eBay and needs a little
direction to other sites.

I'm looking for a few more hardware links and also want to include a "Top
10" software list the the general user. I know it will be had getting a
verdict on this but please email your suggestions.


Tom Hofts
Lawrence, KS


Visit my homepage at:


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