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Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 00:20:18 EDT

In a previous message, Thomas Hofts typed vigorously:

> there a particular page size that qualifies as Newton friendly?
>Any example url's?

Basically, the simpler and smaller the better. No Java. No JavaScript. No
plug-in requirements. If you want to use non-html or rich media content,
use server-side browser sniffers or smart coding (like <noscript> and
<noframe> tags) to gracefully degrade your content for older and less
capabile browsers. In factmm do not use frames at all (bad, bad, bad).
Use tables only minimally. Do not use proprietary html tags and
associated markup (like <marquee> or "margin" attributes in your <body>
tag). Consider using text heads (<h1>, <h2>, <h3>) rather than large
rendered graphics as headers. Keep images small and optimize the crap out
of them. Use Cascading Style Sheets rather than <font face> or <font
color> type markup for setting styles and formatting.

This Old Newt has a list of sites that work well on Newtons and other
minimalist browsers:

Another site (when it's available) is:

For additional reading on making web sites that are accessable in any
browser, check out the Web Standards Project:

Well... you asked.



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