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Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 01:44:03 EDT

Oops, I should have said Gerard not Les - sorry getting my replies mixed up.

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I think what Les has written is a little ambiguous. He says "I watched my
available memory decrease from about 410K to 350K and then did a reset." A
plain reading of this sentence is that he did a reset not the Newton. But I
can see how you could read it the other way.

He then says "When Newton reset and came back to life this same thing
happened all over again." After which he explains what he means by the
"same thing" happening "all over gain." Specifically, "Every few seconds, a
little more memory was lost." - no mention of the reset so it seems
reasonable to assume that it didn't reset itself.

So, I still think it's normal behaviour. If, however, I've misread Les'
statements and the Newt is, in fact, resetting itself, then I agree it is
most definitely not normal.



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