Re: [NTLK] PDFs for iambic apps?

From: Dan (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 02:29:12 EDT

Hmm I am also running into this. Seem to have lost my time reporter manual.
:/ And I recently picked up a copy of Action names, but no manual. I
checked the archives and they haven't been posted sooo, could somone forward
a copy of them? Thanks in advance.


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From: Keith and Sharon Isley <>
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Date: Tuesday, June 04, 2002 12:16 PM
Subject: [NTLK] PDFs for iambic apps?

>Does anyone have the PDF manuals for the "abandonware" iambic apps
>(ActionNames, TimeReporter, SubPatrol)? Iambic has apparently removed them
>from their site.
>Keith Isley
>Lacona, IA
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