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>> I see sporadic posts about syncing with palm desktop. I have Palm 4.0
>> desktop which I use to sync with my sony clie, but cannot figure out how=
>> to
>> sync to my newton.
>Me too, I dont really undestand how to sync betewen my Palm Desktop (2.6 o=
>4) and my Newton. I also want to transfer all my sony cli=3DE9 data onto m=
y MP.
>Anny idea?

OK, here's the instructions for syncing with Palm Desktop:

Syncing Palm Desktop w/ Newton

This document is intended for those who are new to Newton, and want to
learn how to synchronize their Newton with Macintosh Palm Desktop. It is
a step-by-step process that guarantees productivity, unless something is
not working properly. Here is a list of items you will need:

A working Newton.

Macintosh Computer.

Bag of David Sun=FEower Seeds (optional). 8 pin mini din serial cable
(printer cable). Serial to USB adapter (if you don't have the old type
serial connector on your Macintosh). I used the Belkin brand.

Norton Connection Utilities (hereafter referred to as NCU). Here is a
list of manuals of interest: 1. Apple Message Pad Handbook
LMP HNDBK.PDF with its update:

2. Newton OS2 (the operating system of the Newton device):

3. You may also want to read the documentation about cables:

Step 1 - Getting and Installing the Software.

You can download NCU from here:
iti es/

I had to right [or control] click on the link called "NCU 1.0 Installer
For Mac" that this page provides and choose "download link to disk"."

You can download the Palm Desktop (formerly Claris Organizer) from here: Install both software packages,
unless of course you are already using Palm Desktop for a Personal
Information Program (PIM), in which case, you are one step ahead of the
game here.

Step 2 - Preparing Your Palm Desktop

If you have not used Palm Desktop prior to this, then you can skip this
step and move on to step 3. This step is for users who already use Palm
Desktop. This is a crucial step in the process if you want to import your
existing Palm Desktop database into your Newton. What you need to do is
called a Merge, and you do it from within Palm Desktop. Open your Palm
Desktop, and select "Merge" from the "File" menu. In the next box that
appears you will have to navigate your way to the "Newton Connection
Utilities/IntelliLink/Organizer2.0 =DEle. Select the "Organizer 2.0" =DEle
and choose "Open." Palm Desktop will then tell you how many items were
merged. Quit the Palm Desktop. To =DEnd out more about Merge, you can look
it up in the Help =DEle of Palm Desktop. In a nutshell, it allows you to
maintain two separate user data =DEles containing the same information.
Step 3 - Preparing Your NCU Open your NCU program. It will open and you
will notice that most options are all grayed out. This is normal. Select
"Preferences" from the "Edit" menu. In the Preferences box, select the
port that the Newton will be connected to, and select "OK."

Step 4 - Making the Connection

Connect the Newton to the Macintosh.

Turn on the Newton.

Tap the "Extras" button on the Newton. A tab looking divider comes up on
the Newton screen, and in the tab should be the words "All Icons." If
anything else is written in that tab, then tap on it, and select "All
Icons" from the list that appears.

On the Newton, tap on the "Connection" icon. Ensure that it says "Connect
via Serial" in the next slip that appears. If not, tap on it and select
it from the list. On the Newton, tap on the "connect" button. A status
bar will appear on the screen, showing its attempt to connect with the
Macintosh. Once the connection is made, you will see the NCU program
"come to life." On the Macintosh, hit the "Synchronize" button in the NCU
window. That will open up the next window, where you will select what
modules on the Newton will synchronize with what PIM on your desktop.
Select each of the four modules (names, dates, notes, and to do),
choosing the Organizer 2.0 =DEle contained within your Newton Connection
Utilities/IntelliLink folder as the data =DEle to be synchronized with.
When you are =DEnished with all four modules, select "OK" and your Newton
will synchronize itself with your Palm Desktop. If you did not already
use the Palm Desktop software prior to this, then I suggest you double
click on the Organizer 2.0 =DEle, and when it asks you which program to
open it with, choose the Palm Desktop. After that, when you use Palm
Desktop, it will automatically use that =DEle for your data =DEle. That is
all there is to it. Now, you can add/update items in your Newton or Palm
Desktop, and when you hit the synchronize button, the other will be
updated also. Many thanks go out to Paul Guyot for his patience in
guiding me through my Newton quest, and for providing most of the links
in this document.

I hope this document could be of some use to you! Walter R Basil

Mark Ross

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