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From: PaulMmn (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 08:23:21 EDT

This past Spring in Anaheim I was 'interviewed' by a Disneyite toting
a non-Newton handheld. It was a guided questionaire (sp). I'm
sorry, but I don't remember the name. I -think- it had a color

--Paul E Musselman

>I got questioned by a Disney Newton toteing employee 2 years ago in Anaheim,
>The only thing I
>remember was that they had a custom software package filled with different
>pickers that they
>would choose based on the answers you gave. It was a MP120 or 130.
>Jesse Garnier wrote:
>> What kind of Newton device did Disney use? Do they still use them? Has
>> anybody ever seen one or used one? Is it true that it was a custom Newton
>> device developed after the 2100? Do I have to apply for a job at Disneyworld
>> to find out? ;)
>> --Jesse
>> P.S. Does anybody know if they were used at the Tokyo or Paris Disneylands?
>> And does anybody really go to those?
> > P.P.S. Is there life on Mars?

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