Re: [NTLK] Montana Modem

From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 17:32:06 EDT

You might want to modify the initialization string. I
believe that the modem volume command is
LX Speaker volume
    0 turns off the speaker
    1 is minimum volume
    2 is medium volume
    3 is full volume.

Mn Speaker on/off/auto
  0 Disables speaker.
  1 Turns on the speaker until carrier is established.
  2 Leaves the speaker on throughout the entire
  3 Turns the speaker on until a carrier is detected,
except during dialing.

I hope this helps you out.
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--- "Gregory J. Wayman" <> wrote:
> Is there two different Montana Modem Packages? I
> have the 33.6 modem and
> there is virtually no adjustment to the volume. (WAY
> TO LOUD) I posted
> this maybe a year ago and I thought maybe there was
> two different
> versions, but I cant find but one.
> Greg

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