[NTLK] Linksys 802.11b Compact Flash adapter / 10/100 Linksys PCM100

From: Joshua Johnston (flagg_at_midmaine.com)
Date: Thu Jun 27 2002 - 19:59:33 EDT

Has anyone tried one of these with the Newton, or any of the CF card
adapters out there? I figure with a PCMCIA adapter for one, these cards
might be really good ones for Newtons, considering that they could be
installed and used in other PDA's or laptops as well.

Also, another question is whether anyone has used a Linksys PCM100
10/100 PCMCIA card with any of the drivers out there? I have one of
these already, and it'd be nice to know if I can get it working with my
Newt once it arrives.

- Josh

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