[NTLK] A ton Newton stuff for sale - addition

From: SlashDevNull (slashdevnull_at_mac.com)
Date: Tue Jun 25 2002 - 12:43:47 EDT


  Hopefully this will be my last email selling my collection.

  I know this isn't eBay so I want to keep the sales related
Emails to a minimum. :)
  I have gotten many good offers and some I would sell my
collection for.

  I prefer to sell to someone in the states.

  There are many reasons for this, mainly for the protection of the buyer.

  Oh, I just thought of this. I can take pictures of all of the equipment
and email them if you are interested. I do want to sell everything as a
package though.

  I do have a PayPal account so that would work.

  I figure shipping, packaging, and insurance will be @ $30 for shipping
within the states. I'm not sure outside the country. I used to work at UPS
so I plan on packing the Newtons so they would withstand a small yield
nuclear bomb. Since I plan on using so much packing supplies I am willing
to split the shipping with the buyer. So figure an extra $15 if you are
within the states. I would have to get a quote from UPS for shipping
outside the states.

  After getting offers for a day I will email the highest bidder tomorrow.

  Thank you for your interest and I apologize if you are getting annoyed at
my sale emails. :)


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