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From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 00:36:57 EDT

OK Kids...once again...everybody have newt and stylus
Here we go:
The product I use is available at Microcenter.
Here is a nice little link for it:

It's called R5 Power Booster Electrical Contact
Cleaner/Enhancer. And what it's designed to do is
remove oxidation from all conductive metals and fill
in any surface irregularities to maximize conductive
contact. This is especially critical when voltages
with small current is involved...kinda like a touch
screen on an LCD display! It then leaves a coating on
the metal surface to aid in the prevention of the
return of corrosion. This is extremly important
becuase of the galvanization of dissimilar metals and
the ionization incured from electrical current
flow.(OK, I might be speaking out of my butt here, but
you gotta admit it sounds good)
Whatever it does, it does work. Especially with low
current devices. I use the stuff on headphone jacks,
key contacts with my Yamaha DX7IIFD synthsizer, my
POTs on my equalizer and mixdown board and even on my
car and home stereo electronic fittings (well, my CD
to tape deck is optical, but everything else is
Spend a little time at Beware
though...this stuff isn't cheap!
Ed (low current)
web/gadget guru

--- Laurent Daudelin <> wrote:
> on 28/06/02 18:54, Christopher Frazier at
> wrote:
> >> the majority of them had severe alignment
> problems.
> >
> > Since I'm purchasing one of these to upgrade my
> 2000 to a 2100, I'm
> > obviously interested in the problems people
> experienced. I assume that
> > the problem was a screen issue and not a
> motherboard issue. Am I
> > correct? Thanks for any comments on this.
> Obviously, I'd like to help
> > Harry and myself, but I want to know what I'm
> walking into.
> From what I've read here, it's the contacts between
> the screen and the
> motherboard that become dirty. Those contacts are
> not soldered but are
> accomplished by sheer pressure of the screen onto
> some part of the
> motherboard. So, I would say that neither the screen
> nor the motherboard are
> in fault, but the connection between them.
> Ed Kummel has posted a few times that he used some
> kind of product to
> "clean" the connectors. I'm sure he will reply when
> he reads this message...
> -Laurent.
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> Laurent Daudelin
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