Re: [NTLK] NCU first timer

From: David Firth (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 21:37:47 EDT

on 6/29/02 8:33 PM, David Firth at wrote:

>> select the dock by clicking it with the stylus in the Newton
>> extras drawer and then click the drop down menu in the center of the
>> slip and select conect via "serial". Then click the button on the
>> bottom of the slip that says, "connect."
> Just the way I've done for years with NPI. Hmmm.

I tried different cables and a backup dongle. I fiddled with the settings in
the Keyspan serial assistant. Nothing. Until, that is, I turned on the
Keyspan assistant's line monitor. I then could see the Newton trying to
dock. NCU was active in the background. I'd set NCU to allow syncing
anytime, so NCU responded. NPI, NBU, and NCU are all now working fine. My
cables all work. My dongles all work. Reversing my changes in the Keyspan
serial assistant didn't break the situation.

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Thanks to all for their suggestions.

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