Re: [NTLK] C++ SSH Encryption driver to sit at driver level?

From: Jim Witte (
Date: Sun Jun 30 2002 - 04:37:26 EDT

   It seems that the most economical way to do an SSH/VPN/etc layer would
be to make a C++ driver that would decode packets as they came out of
the Internet Enabler or perhaps even lower in the protocol stack (it
might need to do some filtering depending on which parts of the packets
were encoded, but that could be done set with name server vars) Is the
NewtOS architecture set up to allow "protocol modules" like this to be
connected like a pipe command?


>> HI all. I was wondering if there is a telnet client that supports
>> SSH? Blowfish? Or any other secured connection?
> Sorry, but there are none.

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