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From: Gary Moody (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 19:15:11 EST

There is also, a German site for free pop3 and SMTP. They used to
have international web pages (English too), but have discontinued them.
They seem to be very dependable, and work with all Newton email programs.
10MB storage. The only downside is that some spammers have also discovered
them, and valid email is sometimes rejected by some sites as spam, decided
on the domain level.



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> on 2/28/02 2:56 PM, peter brigg at wrote:
>> I object to this solution because all those free mailers are web-based
>> take forever to download messages. (They also reek of advertising.) It is
>> just as simple to select a permanent email address (universities offer
>> and so do other places) and then just set yr mailer to go out through
>> whatever isp you are using at the moment and grab the mail off the
>> permanent location.
> Well, there is always Net_at_ddress ( It is no longer free, and
> it has ceased to be free, the reliability has gone up by appreciably. I
> them, and am pleased with their service. You can either have mail
> to your current isp, or read online or use their pop access. The only
> downside is that they don't offer smtp service, which causes all kinds of
> headaches for me when trying to use _other_, free services (like
> send email. :-) But, if you have a genuine ISP, this shouldn't be a
> (I use the national phone company's "free" access to the internet, so
> have a proper ISP.) :-)

I don't think that this is heavily publicized, but there is an smtp server
for the domain, and it's The nicest thing is that
since you can't be logged on the same network than the server, it doesn't
have any restriction about how you are connected to the internet, meaning
that you can always send email through it no matter what your ISP is.


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