Re: [NTLK] Harry Potter books

From: DON (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 23:37:30 EST

> That should be fine. It really isn't any different than if you bought a CD
> and burned another copy just for backup. As long as you own a copy it's ok.
> Chances are, the 1st book is lighter than your newton would be, but I
> haven't weighed. All the books are really good for anyone. Enjoy.
Here we go again...
It is different, if you have a prescription for Vallium, is it legal to buy
the drug on the street corner from some guy in a back alley? You have a
prescription, what difference does it make where you get the drug? In other
words, the books have no right to be reproduced for the public to download.
Does this person have distribution rights to the books? It's illegal but in
this context it's probably more an ethics/moral issue.
Enjoy the books :-),

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