Re: [NTLK] replacement lid for 2100

From: doppler (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 06:10:15 EST

Ian Milne [] wrote the following 2002-02-28 09.28:

> Considering the week I am having, this rates actually as not so bad,
> but I am devastated to say that I have destroyed the lid of my 2100.


i broke the hinges after the first year of use and have used my newt without
ever since. by a nushield or two and stick with a case - you actually dont
need a lid! working w/o a lid is actually even faster, since you dont need
to open the lid every single time you need to enter some simple info.

> What are the chances of finding a replacement? I don't like the
> thought of having my screen open to the elements (literally, as I
> work in a Chem lab) nor the fact that the lil green guy sits
> unsupported in my leather newt-case thingy.

ok, maybe writerights are better than nushields in this case, ask the list
if there is someone who can let you a protector

> If anyone knows of a spare lid, that isn't going to cost the earth,
> let me know.

apple has still got them for a bargain, article #922-3306 IIRC...

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