Re: [NTLK] Re;Software recommendations

From: Steven Frank (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 13:50:48 EST

> I usually keep local restaurants in the Names file on my Newton. They
> are in a folder called "Restaurants", but I usually just end up
> searching by name.
> I have added a custom field for Hours, which I use for stores,
> restaurants, FedEx, etc. You could add a custom field for Cuisine if
> you want, or just put it in the Notes field.

I didn't know you could add custom fields to a names entry! Cool. :)
It looks like Names will do more or less exactly what I want, with the
added bonus of being built-in and free.

It'd still make an good first project for learning NewtonScript, so I'll
check out the sample code that Larent suggested as well.

Thanks to all!


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