Re: [NTLK] Internet Connection Problem (binding to port)

From: Khris Kleber (
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 23:08:47 EST

On 3/1/02 5:24 PM, "Steve Weyer" <> wrote:

>> Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 22:40:45 -0500
>> From: kkleber <>
>> I was having no problem yesterday or the day before at home or at work
>> surfing. But today yikes.
>> I have a 2100, a Etherlink III card, I use DHCP, I was using Net Hopper Till
>> I switched to Newt'sCape the most recent version 2.1e-2, anyway's that had
>> all worked fine.
>> Until now I keep getting a "Binding to Port Problem Connecting" error.
>> this happens after I put in the address I want, it says NIE connecting your
>> IP address is, so far so good then bang, I get the binding problem.
> is this happening for all sites -- if so (and it's not just temporary, or
> for one site), then I'd suggest trying a soft reset;
> if that doesn't work, then removing the DNS Cache entries (in Storage).
Thanks Steve, The reset and the deletion of the DNS Cache cured the problem.
Now if I can just get my email to work!

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