Re: [NTLK] Postscript drawing on the Newton??

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 17:35:11 EST

Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2002 15:12:05 -0700
From: Grant [Foothillier] Hutchinson <>

>There is no PostScript generating code in the Newton.

What does TPSPrinter class do then?

>The fonts print nicely to PostScript printers because the internal
>font naming tables of the Newton bitmap fonts are mapped to
>PostScript outlines with equivalent, but not identical, metrics
>(spacing, kerning, character
>widths, etc.) that are built into the printer.

Built-in fonts indeed don't have PostScript fonts.

And I don't know if the Newton can send PS fonts to the printers or
not. Sean probably knows. But I remember reading him saying that
fonts are the big problem of PS printing on the Newton (I never used
a PS printer with my Newton).


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