[NTLK] power-on/power-off

From: Brent Bell (brent_at_vividgroup.com)
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 19:16:34 EST

I have noticed a problem with one of my Newton's. Sometimes it will
power itself off after I turn it on. This usually only happens if I
have not reset it in a while. After a reset it will turn off every time
- but eventually I it gets to a point where it will power-on and then
off when I turn it on?

It is an upgraded 2000, and has a headphone jack that the previous owner
installed. I thought at first that the problem was associated to the
headphone jack hack - but now I am not sure. I have done a backup and
restored it to another Newton - with no problems - it only happens on
the Newton with the headphone modification.

has anyone seen this problem before?


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