Re: [NTLK] Error -16022 - suggested fix didn't work

From: Michael Blazer (
Date: Sat Mar 02 2002 - 23:55:09 EST

on 26/02/2002 11:23 PM, Michael Blazer at wrote:

> Suddenly today (just after sending a fax) I started getting -16022 errors
> every time I try to dial up my ISP with my 2100. Faxing doesn't work
> anymore either. As suggested somewhere by Victor, I checked to make sure
> modem prefs are set for the lower card slot, where the modem is. Tried this
> repeatedly, with soft resets in between. Still the same error. Tried with
> another modem, thinking maybe my modem was fried. Still the same error.

[replying to my own post]

A hard reset fixed it. I should have tried that before asking for help, but
I guess I panicked when the known fix didn't work.


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